SNIS Photography Club shines at The TIMES NIE Photography Competition

August 19, 2023

by snisbachupally

Amidst the array of talent displayed, we are thrilled to highlight the impressive feat achieved by Shantinektan International School, Bachupally. Our submission emerged victorious, securing a prestigious position among the top 10 entries from a pool of 600 submissions. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and creativity of the students, and it sets a remarkable standard for others to aspire to.

This exhilarating event was not just a competition; it was a canvas for our students to paint their imaginations and ignite a lasting love for photography.

Sahasra Sathu of grade 7, representing the juniors category, captured white clouds against clear blue skies in Kedarnath, which captivated the panel of judges. Beyond the confines of a classroom, the Photography Contest by Times NIE encouraged exploration, passion, and the pursuit of excellence. It empowered students to view the world through a different lens, to uncover beauty in the mundane, and to communicate stories through captivating images.

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High above the earthly tree realm, where the air is crisp and the sky seems to stretch infinity, a mesmerizing spectacle unfolds. Among the lofty hilltops, a canvas of nature’s, artistry comes alive, painted with dancing white clouds that drift and dance with ethereal grace. This ethereal phenomenon enhances the observer, Invoking a sense of wonder and a connection to the vastness of the world.

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